St. Patrick’s Happy Hour

St. Patrick’s Happy Hour

John Knox Village's St. Patrick's "Week" (we're not limiting ourselves to just one day) kicked off to a rousing start…

Posted by John Knox Village on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy 101st Birthday

Happy 101st Birthday

Happy Birthday! Resident Irwin Woolf turned 101 years young today with wife Paula (99), family, friends, songs, good…

Posted by John Knox Village on Friday, March 11, 2016

The Woodlands Family Newsletter

The Woodlands at JKV FrontEach month, in order to keep our residents informed, John Knox Village is producing a newsletter dedicated to The Woodlands at John Knox Village, our upcoming new skilled nursing center – the first in the State of Florida to adopt The Green House model of care.

These newsletters are distributed to our residents through the first Thursday Flyer of the month, as well as to families of residents in our current Health Center.

They also can be found online at The Woodlands at JKV Website – Each issue is under the News & Media section on the site.

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 22 – March 2016

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 21 – February 2016

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 20 – January 2016

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 19 – December 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 18 – November 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 17 – October 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 16 – September 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 15 – August 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 14 – July 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 13 – June 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 12 – May 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 11 – April 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 10 – March 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 9 – February 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 8 – January 2015

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 7 – December 2014

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 6 – November 2014

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 5 – October 2014

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 4 – September 2014

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 3 – August 2014

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 2 – July 2014

The Woodlands Family Newsletter Volume 1 – June 2014



The Village Voice

John Knox Village’s monthly publication, the Village Voice, prints 2,000 copies each month. It is distributed to our residents and various departments before the first of the month.

In addition, copies are mailed to a number of influential people in the community, including legislators, municipalities, business leaders, physicians and attorneys.

Please feel free to download past editions as a PDF of the Village Voice by clicking on the cover or link. If you are seeking past issues dating back to the early 1980s, please contact our Marketing Department at (954) 783-4040.


More Back Issues

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John Knox Village Rotary Club

History of The Rotary Club at John Knox Village:

One organization here at John Knox Village you may not be acquainted with is our own Rotary Club. It’s only been on campus since August of 2008. What a wonderful opportunity it has provided the residents and others to serve and have fun.

IMG_5236b6x9It all began with a vision shared by two of our most involved residents — Hank Watson and the late Bob Simon. Hank has been a Rotarian for more than 40 years. Bob was a former District Governor of Rotary International in our area. Together they formed a winning plan. Hank would recruit the first members, and Bob would prepare and file all the necessary paperwork and forms.

Today, there are nearly 50 members of the Rotary Club at John Knox Village.

Each one faced a formidable task. Whoever heard of a Rotary Club whose members all were residing in a senior community? What would be the benefit? What could such a Club accomplish? Who would want to join? Why would Rotary want such members?

First, no one has previously heard of a “senior” Rotary Club. Even today, few know of this upstart Club. The Rotary Club of John Knox Village (RCJKV) is the only organization in which its members are seniors with an average age of 83. That’s a unique fact.

All the rest of the questions can be answered in two words — fun and service. Members of RCJKV have fellowship and fun together – working, learning and socializing. Service comes in the form of three distinct fundraising events each year — one for a community charity, one benefiting an international effort and the third is the all-out, two-day event “Knox Rocks,” which raises funds for our Health Center.

Why accept this brief introduction? Come on out on a Wednesday at 5 p.m. in the John Knox Village Lakeside Dining Room to see for yourself.

We’ll welcome you the chance to share a fun evening with John Knox Village’s own Rotary Club!

Stay Informed:

Read the most recent copies Rotary Club publication, the Village Crier:

Village Crier March 2016

Village Crier February 2016

Village Crier January 2016

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