RAS Curiosity Shop Hours

RAS Curiosity Shop Hours

The RAS Curiosity Shop is open every Tuesday from 9-11 a.m., on Thursdays between 2-4 p.m., and the furniture store (South Gardens #542) is open every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m.

Stop by for great deals and/or donate your items to be sold. Proceeds help benefit John Knox Village by improving services and amenities for all residents. If residents need their donations picked up, please call our Maintenance Department at (954) 783-4030.

RAS Hosts Annual Meeting

Resident Auxiliary Services (RAS) is having its Annual Meeting on Tuesday, January 29, at 2 p.m. in our Auditorium. Come learn about this group of residents who love volunteering in various capacities at John Knox Village.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the funds that RAS has raised in 2012. Also learn how these dollars have been used to promote the health and well being of The Village.

Ever wondered how the Villagers Men’s Chorus can afford to purchase its music? Did you know that RAS donated an extra $15,000 toward the Employee Holiday Gift Fund? Have you visited the beautiful new library in Cassels Tower and seen the state-of-the-art shelving?

Our Fitness Center has been furnished with up-to-date equipment in the last few years. Do you wonder where the thousands of dollars came from to accomplish this feat?

These are just a portion of the things made possible by the hard work of RAS volunteers who assist in the various activities, including the Pompano Green Market, Curiosity Shop and Furniture Warehouse.

In addition at the upcoming meeting, RAS will be electing and installing its new officers for 2013, and of course, there will be refreshments.

Hope to see you at the meeting!

  • Submitted by current RAS President Marcia Ellington
RAS Donates $100,000 to our Foundation

RAS Donates $100,000 to our Foundation

At the October 2 Foundation Campaign Kick-off for our new GREEN HOUSE Homes, our Resident Auxiliary Services (RAS) was recognized for contributing $100,000 toward the New Health Center Fund. A couple days later, the group of RAS volunteers gathered for a photo with the large check.

In 1978, with the help of administration, our residents formed the initial structure for what became RAS. Today, the John Knox Village organization thrives. Volunteers help facilitate the Curiosity Shop, furniture shop, large print library in Cassels Tower, Maggie Goetz Library in Village Centre and at the reception desks in Cassels, Heritage, Village Towers and Gardens West (assisted living).

All of the funds raised from selling items in the Curiosity and furniture shops are utilized to improve various areas and departments at John Knox Village.

Resident Organization Continues to Shine

DSC_0253-rOne of the numerous reasons why John Knox Village continues to remain a premier Continuing Care Retirement Community is our residents and their commitment to improving the quality of life at our community.

In 1978, with the help of administration, our residents formed the initial structure for what became the Resident Auxiliary Services (RAS). Thirty-three years later, the organization still thrives. During its annual meeting on January 24, RAS celebrated its 2011 accomplishments, as well as installed the 2012 Board of Directors.

“It is a pleasure and a challenge to be involved in RAS,” said Marcia Ellington, President for the second year. Marcia plans and presides over meetings, appoints all committee chairs, members-at-large, a Parliamentarian and performs other pertinent duties.

In addition to Marcia, the other 2012 RAS Board Members are: Willard Meinholtz, Vice President; Ann Archard, Treasurer; Reba Kinsey, Assistant Treasurer; Rita Jones, Secretary; and Martha Johnson, Corresponding Secretary.

RAS currently consists of about 200 volunteers from throughout The Village who seek to provide services to our residents. These volunteer opportunities include: the Curiosity Shop; the furniture shop, large print library in Cassels Tower; RAS Office; Maggie Goetz Library in Village Centre; and at reception desks in Cassels, Heritage, Village Towers and Gardens West (assisted living).

Other volunteer tasks include mending for residents, publicizing events and meetings, keeping up the history of RAS and clearing out units after being turned over to RAS.

Throughout the years, RAS has collected funds from selling items in its Curiosity Shop, furniture sales and at the Pompano Beach Green Market. These funds are used for approved projects which are presented to and discussed by the entire RAS Board at monthly meetings throughout the year.

In 2011, RAS approved a little more than $77,000 toward projects benefitting The Village. The various departments and groups that received generous contributions included Building and Grounds, Dining, the Employee Holiday Gift Fund, Health Center, Libraries, Marketing, Professional Center, Village Centre and Villagers Men’s Chorus.

Our Health Center was able to purchase a new popcorn machine, welcome baskets, an ice cream cart with ice cream and floral herbal gardens. Marketing upgraded our video production equipment by adding three new high definition cameras, tripods, microphones and a computer system with professional software – all to highlight activities enjoyed by our residents and promote JKV.

“We simply could not have existed the past three years without the help of our RAS. They continue to support our music,” said Ron Davis, Director of the Men’s Chorus that now has a new portable keyboard to use at venues away from JKV. Also, our East Lake Building added patio furniture. Dining Services has beautiful floral arrangements. The Professional Center installed new awnings.

Additional improvements were books for the large print library, library supplies and a new piano bench in Village Centre.

As for the future, Marcia said she encourages more residents to assist the efforts of RAS which continues to make a positive impact at John Knox Village.