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Love Stories Of Two Presidents
And Their First Ladies – Nona Smith

February is the month we celebrate two important holidays: Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day. Rarely do we have the chance to see into the romance of George Washington and his wife Martha Dandridge Custis, or Abraham Lincoln and his first lady Mary Ann Todd. Let’s take a look at these two important presidents and their first ladies.

George Washington

While the courtship, romance and marriage of George Washington and Martha was not based on passionate love, it was based on that most reliable of foundations – mutual attraction, true friendship, intellect, respect and admiration. The exact date of their first meeting is lost in the mists of time, as are Martha’s exact feelings about George, as she burned nearly all of their letters upon his death. It was clear however, that she shared confidences, upheld his patriotism and worshiped him as a hero.

Martha probably never dreamed she would one day be the most important woman in the new country of the United States. She was born on June 2, 1731 to John and Frances Dandridge on a large tobacco plantation along the Pamunkey River in Virginia. She was the eldest child, followed by three younger brothers and five sisters. She grew up with an enlightened father who made sure his daughters were taught reading, writing and mathematics, as well as womanly skills, such as running a household, sewing and entertaining. According to the book, “Martha Washington: First Lady of the United States,” she also enjoyed her dance and music lessons, riding horses, cooking and gardening. She grew an extensive herb garden and learned how to make medicines. All were exemplary skills she put to good use when she ran her own large household, entertained, raised children, tended to her husband’s soldiers during the Revolutionary War and as the first, First Lady!

By all accounts Martha was a pretty woman with a gentle, kind character who attracted many suitors. When she was 17 years old, she married Daniel Parke Custis, a rich eligible man from
a very good family. Read More Inside…

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