More Aeriel Photos from The Weitz Company

More Aeriel Photos from The Weitz Company

Some more aerial photos of The Woodlands at John Knox Village construction site – courtesy of The Weitz Company

Posted by John Knox Village on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thursday’s Construction Site Tour

Thursday’s Construction Site Tour

Seeing is believing! The Woodlands at John Knox Village is taking shape. Construction began in late 2014. We celebrated…

Posted by John Knox Village on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

25th Annual Health and Wellness Fair

25th Annual Health and Wellness Fair

Each year, more than 30 area vendors come to John Knox Village to provide our residents and employees with useful…

Posted by John Knox Village on Friday, May 22, 2015

Interesting Presentation at Rotary Club

Interesting Presentation at Rotary Club

John Knox Village has its own Rotary Club that meets every Wednesday night in our Lakeside Dining Room. The presentation…

Posted by John Knox Village on Thursday, May 21, 2015

Knox Rocks V Raises Another $10,000

Knox Rocks V Raises Another $10,000

IMG_5191b6x9On April 23-24, the residents and guests, who attended the two-night Knox Rocks V concerts, were highly impressed by the vocal talents of their peers and others.

Hosted by the Rotary Club of John Knox Village, the concerts raised another $10,000 toward our new skilled nursing center, The Woodland at John Knox Village, which is currently under construction and set to be open in 2016.

Since the inaugural Knox Rocks in 2011, the main attraction is our Villagers Men’s Chorus. Under the direction of resident Ron Davis, the group has grown to more than 50 members. This year, the men sang some familiar songs and added 10 new tunes to their repertoire.

Some of these songs included “California Dreamin’” made famous by The Mamas and the Papas in 1965, “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” by Duke Ellington and “The Whiffenpoof Song,” which is a traditional closing number of The Whiffenpoofs, an a cappella group at Yale University. It was later recorded by famous artists Rudy Vallee, Bing Crosby and even Elvis Presley.

IMG_4934b6x9“I commend the guys for their great performances. There were numerous compliments by the large audiences both nights. Our group looks forward to singing at this event each year,” Ron Davis said.

Knox Rocks V also featured various guest performers, including “The Half Tones”( John Knox Village’s Barbershop Quartet), the return of “Pighead Pete” (resident and Master of Ceremonies Herschell Lewis), resident Jack McNamara’s “O Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble” and soprano soloist Elizabeth Sjoberg, the niece of resident Jeanne Mills.

_MG_4867b6x9Another highlight was the comedy act titled “Olympic Synchronized Swim Club,” which first made its debut at the 2011 Spring Scene. Special thanks to residents Paul and Sally Loree who directed and produced the group of male swimmers.

For more information about the Rotary Club that meets every Wednesday evening for dinner in our Lakeside Dining Room, visit ( Under the Around JKV section, there is a listing for the Club.

More photos from the two nights are on that Website and the official ( page.

Village Mart – Great Place to Meet Friends

Village Mart – Great Place to Meet Friends

IMG_9139-rAt John Knox Village, our residents thrive when given opportunities to socialize with their friends. One way is by visiting the Village Mart.

Located on the first floor of Cassels Tower, across the hall from the card/party room, the Village Mart continues to evolve. In addition to offering items typically found in a convenience store (such as personal hygiene products, beverages, over-the-counter medications, greeting cards, eggs, dairy and other snacks), coffee and light breakfast items (bagels, English muffins, etc.) are available.

And recently, the Village Mart has added specialty foods on certain days – Donut Monday, Hot Dog Wednesday and Pizza Friday. According to resident Pam Gardner, who is the Village Mart Manager, pizza ever Friday has become very popular with residents and even employees.

IMG_9145-r“We have to take orders in advance to make sure there is enough for everyone,” she said. “It’s exciting to see a line out the door of customers picking up slices of pizza.”

If someone wants pizza, he or she needs to place the order and pay for it before Friday morning’s 11 a.m. delivery time.

The Village Mart is open Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. to noon. There is always a need for more volunteers!

Artists of the Month

Where Work Meets Passion

Three different men, with at least two things in common – they all enjoy their work, but have a passion for their artwork.

The differences are as clear as the John Knox Village departments in which they work—Transportation, Security and Plant Operations. Meet the men, in that order, Wesley Letscher, Don Lystad and Rick Cadiente.

Respectively, they have worked at John Knox Village for 3.5, 11 and seven years. They thoroughly relish their work, but there is another facet to each when they leave their roles as Transportation Manager, Security Guard and Master Plumber.

IMG_7925-rWes was presented with an artist’s set of colored pencils and brushes at age four from his parents. “My inspiration came from my mother (Sheryl). She saw I had some kind of talent and let me run with it,” he said.

Now more than mere dabbling, the Pompano Beach resident is a charcoal artist working in a style he describes as leaning towards realism. Despite his third role, that of father of two young children, Wes found time to create enough of his own works to participate in last year’s John Knox Village Art Show.

IMG_7942-r“I never thought my artwork was any good, really,” he humbly admits, “so it was hard to put myself out there for something like the Art Show. It’s one thing when a family member says ‘your stuff looks good,’ it’s really quite different when the general public is looking your work over.”

His fears were meritless as residents and co-workers alike appreciated his drawings.

Don is a self-proclaimed birder, lover of all things with wings, and avid fisherman. So, after relocating from the frozen tundra of hometown Buffalo, NY to South Florida, it was a natural next-step to start finding new fishing honey holes.

“I like to fish the saltwater flats for sea trout, snook, sharks, jacks,” the Deerfield Beach resident said. “I was seeing all these beautiful birds when I was fishing and started bringing my camera.”

IMG_7903-rDon’s Kodak digital camera has served him well capturing hundreds of various feathered friends. Once the birds have been shot (figuratively), Don then enjoys researching to see what kind of species they are.

“I like identifying them as much as taking their pictures,” he said. Like Wesley, Don also proudly showed off his artwork during last year’s Art Show.

A devout Mormon, Rick developed his love of black and white photography during his requisite two-year missionary work (his service was in the Philippines). “Cameras were relatively cheap in the Philippines,” the Miami native said. “I had a keen interest in landscapes, and I liked black and white photography because, although I never got to master all the intricacies of developing my pictures in the darkroom, I enjoyed it a lot.”

IMG_7929-rOne of the drawbacks for Rick of color photography was taking his film to a store, getting it developed, going back to the store, “and then seeing the shot that I had taken in my mind’s eye was not the one I captured on film.”

These days, Rick embraces the newest photography technologies that digital cameras offer: “I love all the editing tools cameras have. It’s like having a professional lab in my own hands. I can get the desired effects I want. Burn-in, shading, all at my fingertips,” he said.

Rick has entered the John Knox Village Art Show the past four years. Does he imagine entering for the next four years? “Sure, I’ve only got like a gazillion pictures,” he said smiling widely.

Whether it is music, art, writing or even other incredible talents, the Village Voice enjoys showcasing our residents and employees each month. If you are interested or know someone who has a unique skill, please contact our Public Relations Department at (954) 784-4726.