Blog-Andrea MacVicar-The Other Cheek

Ever been in a situation when someone does something you feel is inconsiderate? Of course, you have. Did you ask the person to stop doing whatever? What if it’s your employer? A relative? A friend? Would you say “please stop” even if it cost you something?

An airline asked two females to disembark because they were kissing (mouth to mouth) on board. They protested and somehow the episode was leaked to the paper. The same airline okayed a cross-dresser for staying on board. A picture of the cross-dresser accompanied the article as he was being searched. Hmm! (Sun-Sentinel Newspaper, What gets you booted off plane?,” 10/1/11)

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In 2012, Andrea and Mack MacVicar became residents at John Knox Village. Andrea has ministered to the body of Christ since the age of eight. For over 50 years, she has served in God’s army in various roles as intercessor, counselor, missionary, pastor, teacher, educator, Christian TV and radio evangelist-speaker, minister to ministers, writer and conference-seminar leader.

“Dr. Andrea” completed her education through Wayne State University, University of Michigan and Marygrove College. Licensed and ordained in 1983 through Kingsway Fellowship International, she continued her education by earning a doctorate degree from Kingsway Christian College and Theological Seminary. She is the Founder and President of Rejoice! Christian Ministries. She also is the author of two books, “Secret of the Laurel Crown” and “Tales of Zoftic”. Mack, her loving husband for over 40 years, is the administrator of Rejoice! Christian Ministries.

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Blog-Herschell Gordon Lewis-Don’t Say That

A quick question whose answer should pop into your mind within three seconds:

What benefit does “but” have that “however” lacks?

You’re putting a commanding finger on an almost-invisible way to add or lose power in a 21st-century email solicitation. Check this out:

It’s impossible to smile while saying, “However.” That damage doesn’t apply to “But.” So what? you ask? So this: we need rapport to maximize response. Formality, especially formality that transmits an unasked-for assumed superiority, is the sworn enemy of rapport. Hey, we’re in the second decade of the twenty-first century, and the marketing philosophy behind email permeates all sales messages.

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Herschell Gordon Lewis is a resident at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach, Florida. He has extensive experience consulting with and writing direct response copy for clients worldwide. Mr. Lewis is the author of “Hot Appeals or Burnt Offerings,” an analysis of fundraising techniques. His most recent book is his 32nd — “Internet Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Tactics.” Among his other books are “On the Art of Writing Copy,” “Creative Rules for the 21st Century,” and “How to Write Powerful Fund Raising Letters.” His Website is