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What’s all this infatuation with “data” as the be-all-end-all of direct marketing? Data has been instrumental in telling marketers when and to whom they should send marketing messages for at least three or four thousand years. But if you want proof that data alone are the royalty of marketing, you don’t have to dig any deeper than any and every situation in which two creative sources, equipped with and working from identical data, generate widely different results. (In this paragraph you’ll read both data is and data are because data is a plural word, but through usage the word has become singular. So for reader comfort we’ll use singular and plural interchangeably from this point forward.)

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Herschell Gordon Lewis is a resident at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach, Florida. He has extensive experience consulting with and writing direct response copy for clients worldwide. Mr. Lewis is the author of “Hot Appeals or Burnt Offerings,” an analysis of fundraising techniques. His most recent book is his 32nd — “Internet Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Tactics.” Among his other books are “On the Art of Writing Copy,” “Creative Rules for the 21st Century,” and “How to Write Powerful Fund Raising Letters.” His Website is