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John Knox Village Pompano Beach FLThis page features the weekly Dining Services menus for our residents. The menu is listed in the Thursday Flyer. John Knox Village provides residents 15 meals each month.

This plan allows our residents the ability to continue to make their own choices. We have discovered that some residents still enjoy cooking. Others like eating out at local restaurants. Residents are able to enjoy more than 15 meals each month, as well. Any additional meals are added to their monthly service bill.

Our nearly 100-employee Dining Services staff strives to provide the best service and quality, as well as healthy choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Click on the most current menu or various links to view past menus offered to our residents.

Apr. 24 – Apr. 30 Dining Menu & Food For Thought

Apr. 17 – Apr. 23 Dining Menu & Food For Thought

Apr. 10 – Apr. 16 Dining Menu & Food For Thought

Apr. 3 – Apr. 9 Dining Menu & Food For Thought

Resident Thursday Flyer

Thursday Flyer MastheadEach week, our residents stay informed through the Thursday Flyer. This communication tool highlights activities for the upcoming week, the dining menu and other important news for our residents. It is produced and distributed by our residents with contributions from various departments and help from our Activities team.

If you wish to have something printed in the Thursday Flyer, please drop off your submission in the mailbox outside of our Village Mart – located on the east end of Cassels Tower first floor. Or, the written materials can be given or sent in intra-campus mail to resident Marjorie Thomas, Village Towers 906. Also, classified ads are available for purchase at $5. Payments must be made to our Village Mart.

Thursday Flyer April 20

Thursday Flyer April 13

Thursday Flyer April 6

Thursday Flyer March 30



Chef Mark Gullusci’s Recipe of the Month – February 2017

In Good Taste: Recipe of the Month

This Fish Recipe Will Leave You Deliciously Crabby

Executive Chef Mark Gullusci’s February Recipe of the Month is a fish offering that will leave you absolutely crabby.

Crab-encrusted Mahi Mahi is a beautiful way to serve the popular, delicious tasty mild fish found off our Atlantic shore and in most moderate to upscale seafood restaurants in town.

Mahi is ideal for a variety of preparations, however Chef Mark’s recipe calls for sautéing the crab meat with the fish and then baking until it reaches an internal temperature of 140-degrees Fahrenheit. Take care not to overcook the Mahi, rather remove from oven after it just begins to flake and no longer.

Mahi Mahi is rich in niacin, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium, making this fine fish feast not only guilt-free but also delectable.


Crab encrusted Mahi Filet Recipe

Yields 2 servings

2 pieces 5-6 oz Mahi Mahi filet

3 ounces Maryland blue crabmeat

1 egg

Kosher salt

Black pepper

½ tsp. lemon zest

1 tsp. chopped chives or scallion.

1 tbsp. vegetable oil.

Preparation Method

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Season the Mahi with kosher salt and black pepper. In a bowl, place the crabmeat, chives, lemon zest, and egg and gently incorporate until all ingredients are combined.

Heat oil in non stick skillet, place half the crab mixture in pan, flatten out with a rubber spatula about the size of your fish and place the Mahi upside down onto the crab mix, cook 2 minutes on medium-high heat until browning on edges can be seen.

Carefully turn over and cook another 2 minutes, transfer to a baking dish and cook in 350-degree oven until you have reached an internal temperature of 140 degrees in the middle of the fish. Serve with your choice of sauce or none at all. Hollandaise is the recommended sauce.

Chef Mark Gullusci









ASPCA Head To Speak At Wellness Park Opening Nov. 30

ASPCA Head To Speak At Wellness Park Opening Nov. 30

POMPANO BEACH, FL – 11/22/2016 –Frederick Tanne, chair of the nation’s largest anti-cruelty-to-animals organization, will be keynote speaker when John Knox Village formally opens its Wellness Park, at 10 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 30.

The $86,000 project was resident driven, from conception to construction, and will culminate when Tanne speaks to the importance of pets and wellness from the perspective of the organization for whom he is Chairman of the Board—the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals).

“Many residents have worked for a number of years to bring this much-needed park to our campus,” said Tom McKay, Chairman of the JKV Wellness Park Fundraising Committee. “The Fundraising Committee is very pleased with the generous financial support and encouragement we have received to date from our residents and staff.”

A resident within the Pompano Beach-based life plan continuing care retirement community, McKay plans to take “Winston,” his pet Shih Tzu, to the new park often.

“The residents rallied around this project in a big way, said JKV Foundation Executive Director Nanette Olson. “As we move to include wellness in all that we do here at John Knox Village, having an outdoor space for people and their pets to gather and play is a natural addition to our campus.”

The 1/3rd-acre fenced Wellness Park will have a cemented walkway, water fountains (for both two- and four-legged visitors), chairs, and also a shaded socialization table.

About John Knox Village

Since 1967, John Knox Village has been providing a fulfilling, engaging and stress-free lifestyle with an all-inclusive full continuum of care from independent living and assisted living to short and long-term skilled nursing care. As a Life Plan Continuing Care Retirement  Community, John Knox Village offers seniors a plan for their future health care needs, while also enjoying all of JKV’s amenities, life-long learning programs and full range of services that promote wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Through its unwavering commitment to excellence and its guiding principles, John Knox Village brings unique experiences to life everyday for some 1,000 residents. For more information please call the Communications Department at (954) 784-4741 or visit us online at www.johnknoxvillage.com. For ongoing news about John Knox Village please go to www.johnknoxvillage.com/explore.

Frederick Tanne

Frederick Tanne

Phyllis Neuberger – John Knox Village Keeps its Residents Safe

I was a 48 hour guest in the fifth floor “Egret” home in the Woodlands at John Knox Village

by Phyllis J. Neuberger

phyllis-neuberger-headshot-croppedIt took a Village…John Knox Village (JKV), to keep its over 800 residents safe and ready for Matthew, the hurricane that threatened Broward County and the entire east coast of Florida this past week. We lucked out, but I must praise JKV for its smooth handling of this potential crisis.

A friend moved into my apartment. She, and the over 100 residents living in villas, were forced to evacuate. Many went to stay with friends in the high rises; at least 65 others settled into the auditorium. They, along with staff, slept on cots and air mattresses, dormitory style. Before the track of the hurricane was known, every resident of JKV was in a generator equipped safe place with staff on hand to provided service, comfort and reassurance.

Those in need of air conditioning and/or oxygen were moved to the Woodlands, the newest, state of the art building with adequate generator support for its most vulnerable residents.

This unique nursing home/rehab center, called the Green House, offers person centered care. What does that mean? Does it really work? I had the opportunity to find out.

With a small wheeled suitcase I arrived on the fifth floor of the Woodlands. I rang the doorbell at the Egret home and was greeted by Cathy who said, “Welcome to our home, Miss Phyllis. We hope you will be comfortable here during your stay. Just let us know what you want or need and we will be happy to provide it if we can,” she said as she escorted me to 5110.

I settled into my own private room with bath, huge windows to the world, a large TV, clothes closet, dresser, comfy chair and a bed that could do everything but levitate. I plugged in my 1-phone charger and settled into a chair with a book. The television, volume on low, kept me informed about the oncoming storm.

About an hour later, the smell of cookies baking drew me to the large main area that included a living, dining and kitchen design. There I met the 11 “elders”, the Green House term for its residents. Someone said, “I’d rather be called a senior.” Lillian nodded in agreement. Anna preferred being called a ‘resident’. Arlyne said, “Call me Arlyne with a “Y”,” adding, ”My name is really Mary Arlyne but I’ve always been called Arlyne. I asked my mother why she named me Mary if she was going to call me Arlyne. She replied, “Nothing comes ahead of the Virgin Mary.” Everyone giggled.

I met Ruth who had lived in St. Andrew, another retirement community, for 15 years. When it came time to settle into a nursing home/rehab facility, she and her son chose the Woodlands. She described the service as outstanding.

Asked about their care, the elders on hand gave the private room, bath and staff thumbs up. After two days as a guest, I agree. I had wonderful care from Cathy, Dianne, Marcia, the two Amys {both nurses} and others whose names I never got to know. I even met the tiny visiting puppy who looks like a stuffed animal come to life.

Breakfast is made to order for each resident as he/she shows up. I was early at 8 a.m. Lillian was the only person seated at the table for 12. I ordered and enjoyed scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, coffee, juice and toast. Lunch of cottage cheese, fresh fruit and just baked cookies was perfect. Dinner one night was Bourbon pork and the next night, Sheppard’s pie. If I had wanted soup and a sandwich instead it was available.

I had the option of total privacy and socializing. My choice. If I was in need of any information or service, a call button was answered quickly. Is there a nightlight? How do I pull down the handsome window shades? Work the bathroom shower?

For those who have had to give up independent living for custodial care, the Woodlands with its 12 homes and 12 elders to a home, seems to be a perfect answer. Elders can count on being treated with courtesy, respect and personal choice. Although my room seemed like a hotel, a closer look reveals a track in the ceiling for a pulley that can lift immobilized elders out of bed. In the bathroom there’s a hand shower with a drain making showering, with help, available for even the severely handicapped.

Short term rehab visitors recovering from an illnesses or surgery are giving the setting and the care raves.

Congratulations to JKV for delivering a better world for elders needing custodial care.

Congratulations, too, for the careful and well rehearsed emergency plan for Hurricane Matthew. Independent and needy residents were all be professionally handled. Even getting everyone back home when it was safe was done efficiently. My compliments to management and staff.

Phyllis J. Neuberger, resident of JKV

Hurricane Matthew Update

2016-10-07-hurricane-matthew-notice6ALL CLEAR!!!

Dear Residents,

This morning, Friday, Oct. 7th, members of the JKV Emergency Operations Team, including President Gerry Stryker, conducted a tour of the campus and assessed any damage in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

It has been determined that it is safe for Residents and Staff to return to their homes and an “All Clear” notice has been announced.

Per our post-hurricane protocol, residents will be returned to their homes starting with Independent Living residents who have evacuated to the Auditorium. They will be followed by Gardens West and Woodlands/Health Center residents

  • Dining Services will provide a One-Meal-Dinner today, Friday, from 2-6PM
  • Regular meal service Saturday (Lunch & Dinner) and Sunday (One Meal) will be served Normal Transportation Operations are in effect
  • All Saturday Activities are cancelled Sunday Church Services will be held in the Auditorium as scheduled Salon & Spa will reopen Monday
  • Entrance-way shutters will be removed throughout the day
  • The Palm Bistro has resumed its normal business hours 7AM-8PM
  • The Wellness Studio and TMC Therapy Services are open
  • The Fitness Center is open today and will have “Supervised Exercises” Saturday

Tickets go on Sale for 2016 Knox Rocks

IMG_4934b6x9In 2011, The Rotary Club of John Knox Village saw an opportunity to raise funds and showcase the talents of our residents and others by organizing the Annual Knox Rocks Concert series.

This year’s highly anticipated shows are set for Thursday and Friday, April 28-29, starting at 7:30 p.m. in the Auditorium. Tickets are $25 per person and will be on sale Monday-Friday, April 4-8, during lunch and dinner in the Dining Room.

As always, all proceeds benefit The Woodlands at John Knox Village, the new skilled nursing center that opens with an official Grand Opening Ceremony on May 26. The Woodlands is the first of its kind to adopt The Green House model of care at a Life Plan Retirement Community in Florida.

New Director Leads the Chorus

This will be Christopher Toth’s first Knox Rocks as the Director of our Villagers Men’s Chorus, and he is excited about the program and performance opportunity.

“This year, I am particularly excited about making Knox Rocks an upbeat and energetic performance,” he said.

An extremely talented musician, Chris took over as Director in late 2015, when resident Ron Davis “retired” from leading the group. “Ron continues to provide me insight and guidance on managing The Villagers. He often sends me helpful reminders about what needs to be done at various times of the year,” he said. “He is an amazingly supportive guy.”

Chris has remained busy working with the Villagers, preparing the group for these two shows and other performances at John Knox Village and for organizations across South Florida.

“I have been awed by the support and enthusiasm that my singers, John Knox Village residents and people who know us in the area have shown to me as the Director of the Villagers Men’s Chorus,” Chris said.

Traditionally, Knox Rocks features a good mixture of old favorites and new material by the Villagers. Some of the new songs this year include “If I Only Had a Brain” from “The Wizard of Oz” (1939), “The Merry Maiden and the Tar” (Arthur Sullivan and W.S. Gilbert), “We May Not Be Vampires (But We’re Still Men!)” (Mark Burrows), “The Pink Panther Theme” (Henry Mancini) and more.

Returning and Guest Performers

IMG_4544b6x9Knox Rocks also features an array of guest performers and surprises. During the shows, Chris will be demonstrating his keyboard abilities with a solo. Residents Elaine and Jack McNamara will share their talents with a special guest singer during “McNamara’s Band.”

The Half-Tones, John Knox Village’s Barbershop Quartet, with Rion Carswell, Ron Davis, President/CEO Gerry Stryker and Jack McNamara, will again serenade the audiences.

And our beautiful resident “swans” will return for a memorable ballet of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake.” For a sample of their last performance, click HERE.

“The famed Ballet Knox de Pompano Beach has been prevailed upon to come out of retirement for a triumphant re-creation of its signature dance of the little swans,” said Rotary Club member and resident Margo Lewis

Finally, John Knox Village welcomes Norwegian-born Soprano Birgit Djupedal Fioravante to this year’s Knox Rocks. According to her Website (www.thebirgit.com), Birgit has performed operas, concerts and recitals and appeared on radio and television for more than 30 years.

She made her Carnegie Hall debut with the Opera Orchestra of New York singing “Fricka” in scenes from Wagner’s “Ring Cycle.” She has been a guest soloist with symphony orchestras and opera companies including Pittsburgh Opera, Florida Grand Opera and Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra.

Birgit will be singing “Mon couer s’ouvre à ta voix” (“Softly awakes my heart”) from the opera “Samson and Delilah,” “Stranger in Paradise” from the musical “Kismet,” “Begin the Beguine” written by Cole Porter and some other recognizable numbers.

“Birgit will bring the house down!” Chris said.

About The Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of John Knox Village began in 2008 as an opportunity for our residents and others to serve the greater community and have fun together. Each year, The Club plans three fundraisers, including Knox Rocks, one that supports an international cause and another benefitting the surrounding Pompano Beach community.

Knox Rocks raises about $10,000 each year. The Rotary Club members also support ShelterBox (www.shelterboxusa.org), the premier international aid organization that provides shelter and life-saving equipment following disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes and other emergencies across the world.

The Club currently has approximately 50 members and meets every Wednesday in the Lakeside Dining Room for dinner at 5 p.m. For more information about The Rotary Club of John Knox Village, visit (www.jkvresidents.com) and under the Resident Life menu there is a listing for Rotary Club.

Annual Classic and Antique Car Show

Annual Classic and Antique Car Show

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Tir Na Greine School of Irish Dance

Tir Na Greine School of Irish Dance

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